Paradoxia is a furniture and interior design studio founded in 2012 by Mariam Elias. Our studio adopts a unique approach to each project such as sustainable techniques of upcycling furniture or redesigning iconic items with contemporary concepts and local craftmanship. 

Each collection has a different theme that aims to document history of design in a specific era, look through the heritage of a certain region, re-examine modern designers or challenge the function of our day to day props. Personalization and uniqueness are the main drive in our designs especially in our custom-made furniture and projects.

Rather than being mass produced, our pieces are handmade with intricate details making them distinct and original. Understanding the importance the intangible heritage of local craftsmanship, we work with local carpenters and artisans to preserve their inherited skill and handiwork.

Pardaoxia’s designs were published in several press such as Trendesign, Fair Magazine, El Beit and many others.